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 SBH Users Manual (under construction)

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PostSubject: SBH Users Manual (under construction)   Sun May 29, 2016 3:23 pm

this user manual is under construction Smile

Part One: Rules

make sure you read the rules of SBH, located under Official News and Announcements before you begin to post.

Part Two: Coding
take out all spaces for these to work!

Image [ img ] image url here [ / img ]
Centering Text [ center ] text here [ / center ]
Link [ url = url here ] text here [ / url ]
Clickable Image [ url = url here ] [ img ] image url here [ / img ] [ / url ]
Quote [ quote ] text here [ / quote]
Quote Somebody [ quote = name here ] text here [ / quote ]
Color click the button with the nine different colors!
Specific Color [ color = # color code here ] text here [ / color ]

Part Three: Where To Go & What To Do As A Newbie

I'll eventually make some clubs or places where new members can go but in the mean time...

I recommend that you post a thread in the Newbies section, and we'll gladly welcome you! Introduce yourself and some of the things you like and you'll make friends in no time!

Part Four: Moderators/Admin

If you ever need any help with anything, please Private Message me (Chantelle) or one of the other mods Smile (I'll let you know who they are soon).
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SBH Users Manual (under construction)
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