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 Shop Guidelines

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PostSubject: Shop Guidelines   Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:44 pm

So basically this section is for people to create their own little graphic/edit shops! In your shop, other members will be able to request different things such as signatures and avatars for her, or icons and edits to post for Instagram! Below I've complied a few tips to help you when creating your shop, please dm me if you have any questions x

- Put a lot of thought into it! Plan out all the details...
- Don't have too many shops at once! You will get overwhelmed and start to neglect your shops (I'd say stick to one)
- If you're asking people to co-own, have a strong form and wait for many replies to choose. Advertise in your signature, but don't PM people or post in their shops "I'm hiring! Apply!" If you're going to hire, put Now Hiring in your title so people will see when they scroll through the shops section
- don't get discouraged if you're not chosen to co-own, remember a lot of people apply and not a lot can get in! "Many will enter, few will win" Just let it motivate you to try another hiring opportunity!
- you're not gonna get a lot of requests like by sitting around and hoping people will come to you. you have to advertise (again, just in your sig/profile), have good service, go to graphic schools or get private lessons to improve your skills, and don't let a lack of requests bring you down!
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Shop Guidelines
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